JCT solar LED traffic trailer exported to the UK


JCT solar LED traffic trailer exported to the UK

Recently, a group of JCT solar LED traffic trailers developed and produced by Taizhou Jingchuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. boarded the cruise ship and sailed to the far west of Europe--the United Kingdom. It contributes to the release of information such as traffic guidance and temporary weather in British cities. As we all know, the United Kingdom is located in Western Europe and has a temperate maritime climate. It is also an island country; The North Atlantic Warm Current meets the Norwegian cold current. It is also affected by the westerly wind; The climate is warm and humid. The water vapor is rich and easy to form fog; In addition, the UK used to have developed heavy industry, so a large amount of dust was emitted and pollution was serious. Half a century ago, London was known as the "fog city". The geographical environment causes the weather in the UK to be changeable. It often experiences various weather conditions such as sunny, cloudy, and showers in a day. The British people often say: "There is climate abroad, but there is only weather in Britain." These factors all affect people's traffic. At this time, the JCT solar LED traffic trailer can be very useful. It can release various emergency information such as highway and weather in time to remind people to travel safely.

This batch of JCT solar LED traffic trailers sent to the UK this time integrates solar energy, LED single yellow display and mobile advertising trailers. It breaks through the previous traffic trailers that need to find an external power supply or the limitations of only be fixed in one place. JCT solar LED traffic trailer directly adopts the solar independent power supply mode, and can provide uninterrupted power supply 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. JCT solar LED traffic trailer is more conducive to environmental protection, conforms to the new energy conservation policy. It is safe and reliable, and does not require much maintenance.


JCT solar LED traffic trailer is used to release highway weather information, highway construction information, highway blocking information, road surface condition information, recommended detour plan information, highway dynamic operation information, and provide highway information for drivers. JCT solar LED traffic trailer has a long service life, high brightness, low energy consumption, and can operate stably under harsh conditions. At the same time, this batch of JCT solar LED traffic trailers also integrate a new system of support, hydraulic lifting, and rotation functions. The rotating guide pillar independently developed by Jingchuan Company can realize the LED screen's visual range of 360° without dead Angle, and further enhance the transmission effect. It is especially suitable for applications in crowded places such as downtown, assembly, outdoor sports events, etc. The orange trailer's chassis can attract the attention of the audience at a glance, allowing drivers or pedestrians to see the released information from a distance.

Above is the relevant information about JCT solar LED traffic trailers exported to the UK introduced by the editor of Jingchuan this time. I hope that you can learn more about the application and advantages of JCT solar LED traffic trailer. If you want to know more related information, Welcome to the official website of Taizhou Jingchuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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