New Tool for outdoor mobile live broadcasting—Jingchuan LED vehicle-mounted screen


At present, the advertising industry bursts surging, and there are various ways of advertising. More and more people begin to use advertising vehicles with large LED screen in order to seize the traditional advertising business, the profit growth brought by new advertising vehicles also attracts many people's attention. However, facing with this new advertising mode, many users need to consider how to choose the model of LED advertising vehicle. Confronted with diversified needs of customers, Taizhou Jingchuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. launches a super containerized outdoor mobile LED vehicle-mounted screen, which integrates stage, LED screen and remote live broadcasting.

This LED vehicle-mounted screen is equipped with a large screen, which is suitable for large-scale events and TV stations for live broadcast. The screen uses outdoor P6 high-definition full-color screen with 40-60 square meters, which can realize the functions of long-distance live broadcasting, rebroadcasting and simultaneous broadcasting. The large LED screen can rotate 360 degrees, fold up and down, fold into a small screen to be put into the truck box, and with automatic hydraulic lifting, and it can reach eleven meters after lifting. At the same time, it has an automatic folding stage, the stage area can be up to 30-50 square meters after unfolding, which can be used for small-scale performances.

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