Jingchuan Large LED Containerized Advertising Vehicle Returns to Hainan "Circle Island Race"


Baomeiling, located in Changjiang, is relatively not well-known in Hainan, but this nature reserve becomes the focus of attention with the expansion of one event, that is the 13th Bicycling Race around Hainan Island International Road in 2018. This race firstly sets the peak sprint section, and the steep landscape of Baomeiling spreads all over the world through television lens.

The “Circle Island Race” started on October 23 and will end on October 31 in nine stages. For the first time, Danzhou takes as the ending city where the race prevails by its featured Carnival activities, tens of thousands of people along the way, and all departments cooperated with each other.

It is worth remembering not only the wonderful events and hard-working athletes, but also the large-scale LED containerized advertising car E-C40 provided by Jingchuan which was surrounded by crowds of people. This event has attracted lots of attentions. CCTV 5 and other satellite TV broadcasts the race and 186 countries and regions can watch the tournament synchronously. Unexpectedly, spectators who were cheering for the racing drivers on the spot can also watch the tournament live through the LED outdoor broadcast vehicle, giving them a great pleasure. The large-scale LED container advertising car E-C40 provided by Jingchuan has a screen of more than 40 square meters and can rotate 360 degrees. The car's carriage is 13 meters long, the screen is three stories high after lifting, and it has its own generator, which proves that it has a very high degree of automation.

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