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Yellow three-sided screen AL3360 detailed explanation

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It equipped with three- sides outdoor led screens(left+ right+ rear sides)and double hydraulic lifts on both sides (hydraulic lifting 1.7M) and a generator for electric and multimedia system( nova player or video processor).

The overall manufacturing cost is medium, suitable for customers who are new to the business. It is suitable for a rental advertising campaign. Whether parked or driving on the road, it can be carried out advertising campaigns. This style is popular in Australia and the United States because of its fashionable and beautiful appearance.

Friendly reminder, since the truck chassis of this product does not have the certificate of developed countries, only the truck body can be sold, and customers can purchase the truck chassis locally.


Total mass: 4495kg

Unladen mass:4300kg

Overall size: 5995x2160x3240mm

LED screen size(left and right): 3840*1920MM

Rear screen size:1280x 1760mm

Axle base: 3360mm

Max speed: 120Km/h

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