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Why Buy a Vehicle With a LED Car Display?

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One of the first rules we learned in driver’s education was to keep our eyes on the road. Sadly, it’s also a rule many drivers forget. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted driving led to over 3,000 deaths in 2019. A led car display can help reduce accidents by keeping the driver focused on the road instead of looking down to check the navigation or speedometer; conversely, however, NHTSA also says images presented on the led car display have the potential to be distracting if not designed with care.

Most automakers make their led car display optional, either as part of an options package or as equipment included with a pricier trim level. If a led car display interests you, it’s worth noting that led car display visibility can suffer if you wear polarized sunglasses. If that’s you, bring them along and test the feature before paying for something you can’t see all the time. If you aren’t interested in the led car display but it’s included with a trim level or options package you otherwise want — or if it’s standard equipment — you can always turn it off.
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