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The quality of outdoor mobile advertising vehicles depends on the selection of the entire key components

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Outdoor mobile advertising vehiclesa are well known by  many people. When most people buy this product, they pay more attention to the quality of the advertising vehicle, and the quality of the advertising vehicle depends on the selection of the entire key group, then here What are they attention to?

Key component 1: Vehicle-mounted special anti-vibration LED electronic display

As the most critical component of the advertising vehicle-on-board display, the on-board display has the fatal problem of instability in the process of years of bumps and wind and rain. Therefore, the design of the on-board display must be practical and of good quality. ensure.

Key component 2: Carrier of vehicle display screen-mobile car

The quality of the brand we choose is stable; the service network is good,and no worries.

Key component 3: the support of the car display-professional welding bracket

We have a professional design and welding team in the welding of on-board display brackets, so that even the use of a screw must be professionally  measured and designed, and it will be used on the vehicle after it is safe and correct; welding is done Strict construction according to the drawings to ensure that the mobile advertising vehicles used by customers are safe and reliable during long-term operation!

Key component 4: power supply for on-board display screen—very ultra-quiet intelligent generator set

The advantage of mobile on-board display is its strong mobility. When the mobility is solved, the power supply problem has always been a problem for various manufacturers. Our company chose the original ultra-quiet intelligent generator set. The noise of the generator under load is controlled below 50 decibels, which greatly improves the sound quality of the display during operation.

Key component 5: Other key small components of the car display:

On-board computer-anti-seismic industrial control computer
audio system—seismic and waterproof outdoor sound column 
can guarantee normal work in any harsh environment
lifting system—with power-off lock function and automatic limit switch function

If you want to have an outdoor mobile advertising vehicle with guaranteed quality, you first need to pay attention to the selection of the various components of the advertising vehicle. Only when the right components are selected can its quality be guaranteed.

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