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Two in one mobile led display

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There are different reasons why to consider an investment in a Mobile LED Display.

For the simple fact of easier transportation passing through the durability, profitability and easy maintenance. But is it really worth it investing on this type of application?

Here, we will explain the advantages of Mobile LED Display or LED Truck. These are:

Flexibility: as a mobile LED Display, it can be at any place, any time while generating visual impact to an unlimited audience. The mobile LED truck can go where the audience is located, which allow the audience to find a new and fresh way of advertising, while arousing its curiosity.

Different ways of communicating: There is no location restriction. You can choose fixed points, travel routes back and forth throughout the day, or choose your own communicating way; being rid of geographical constraints, avoiding the limitations of space and time.

Vivid colors guarantee: Compared to a fixed outdoor installation that can’t be reached out promptly for maintenance, a LED Display truck is always reachable and can be repaired at the company’s warehouse at any time to make sure that the display provides excellent image quality.

No installation nightmares: It doesn’t matter if the LED Display is installed in hybrid way along with the truck, or in an independent installation (pulled out from a van); car comes with power source that will assure the energy supply. There will be no need to spend time on the installation, construction, demolition and assembling the equipment with the use of a variety of complicated set ups for the stage, but easily and quickly.

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