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The mobile advertising trailers in wedding

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Mobile advertising trailer has the following advantages in wedding ceremony:

1. Mobile LED billboard can be arranged indoor and outdoor

Mobile advertising trailer has good quality in image resolution and definition. Due to its high brightness, you don’t have to worry about whether the wedding is indoor or outdoor. Wedding guests can see it clearly from any place.

2. Portable mobile advertising trailer can provide new forms of entertainment

Besides playing wedding video, LED signs on trailers can also be used for other purposes such as an interactive display for guests. With the natural eye-catching ability of LED display, the mobile advertising trailer will really attract the attention of guests. The message you want to convey will be seen by most guests at your wedding events.

3. The size of trailer LED display screen can be selected

The advantage of mobile advertising trailer is that you can customize the size. You don’t have to worry about the size and location. The trailer screen can be built according to the size you need, so as to meet the size requirement from different customers.

4. User friendly, easy to operate

Although the mobile advertising trailer may look complicated, it’s indeed easy to use. You will always have different connection options to choose from, and the screen generally supports DVI, HDMI, VGA and HD-SDI interfaces.

5. Mobile LED display shows a sense of luxury to your wedding

Our mobile advertising trailer has exquisite modeling design with white and sacred color. You use mobile advertising trailer to take the wedding event to the next level. In fact, the cost of mobile digital signage display is not as expensive as expected.

6. Provide unlimited creativity for your wedding team

The advantage of using a mobile advertising trailer in wedding is high creativity. To make sure your wedding more memorable, you can use mobile advertising trailers to show whatever clients want.
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