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Bring the entertainment to your next event, on mobile stage trucks

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Ideal for Weddings, Festivals and Functions - anyone looking for stage hire for Bands, Djs and performers, outdoor cinema screenings, unique and vintage prop hire, outdoor and portable stage activation and branding opportunities.  Package together with our add on options: sound system, DJ desks, generator, LED screen, curtains and decor, prop hire and frame trellis. 

This iconic mobile stage truck has been a classic part of our history and is now beautifully restored with clean lines and warm finishes. They're ideal for birthdays, Bar Mitzvah, anniversaries and end of year corporate events, as well as festivals, weddings and community engagement events.

These truly unique mobile stage trucks can be fitted out with sound, lighting, smoke machines, flame machines and signage, perfect for drawing small crowds and making a statement at your event or festival. 
All aerial performances are operate under safe conditions, working to Safety Plan, complying with SWMS and Public Liability insurance.
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