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The Advantages of Mobile TV Truck for Outside Broadcasting

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Traditional outdoor advertising media are mostly static publicity. They have no sound, video and can be easily ignored in this modern society. Mobile tv truck is different. With LED display mounted on truck, it has both colorful images and sound.

Research has found that people are more likely to remember media with animation and sound. Mobile tv truck emerged for the advertising market to bring new opportunities. With high mobility, this new outdoor media can provide dynamic video with unique publicity advantages and effects.

You may have never seen this truck before. A mobile tv truck with hydraulic screen which has best visual position to spread your brand. It is smart, digital, and impressive.

The unique and exquisite shape design of mobile tv truck has become a scenic media highlight in the city and the region. It can effectively attract eyes from the public. In both big and small cities, the majority of businesses and enterprises can benefit from this outstanding publicity effect.

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