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Pull Up Portable Floor Projector Mobile Outdoor Screen

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Portable Design - 60" Pull up floor projector mobile outdoor screen features a one-piece design and can be retracted fully into the case, ensuring easy storage, transport and perfect working synergy with handheld projectors for playing video presentations on-the-go. Pull-out to Use - Self-standing design with stable feet and telescoping pull-up mechanism that provides fast & quiet extension while the self-lock system allows the mobile outdoor screen to stop at any desired position when you pull up to suit your preference. 

Good Light Diffuser - 60" large matte white mobile outdoor screen features 160 degree viewing angle for large viewing area and 1.3 gain to provide sharp and clear image, suitable for projections of all resolutions up to 4K or Ultra HD; Standard 4-side black borders help to increase picture focus & contrast for better viewing experience.

Durable & Stable - Strong and rust-resistant aluminum frame and housing ensure frequent and long-lasting usage; Lockable feet to stabilize the mobile outdoor screen when installed. Widely Applicable - Floor projector mobile outdoor screen is ideal for indoor and outdoor use such as home theater, outdoor garden viewing, trade fair, meeting room and more to conveniently provide quality viewing wherever you are.
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