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Outdoor LED Display Market Size Future Scope

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Recognizing the potential of LED display boards and the impact they have on the audience, companies operating in global outdoor LED display industry are striving to develop innovative products that depict the features of longer shelf life and improved capacity.

Apart from novel product development, outdoor LED display boards market players are focusing on investing heavily in research & development activities and diversifying their product portfolio. Additionally, to cut down on the operational costs, companies have begun to rely on automation to update outdoor displays instead of technical personnel making tedious on-site visits.

Outdoor LEDs come in a variety of color displays, namely tri-color, full color, and monochrome models. Undoubtedly, the full color model encompasses the best features and has the ability to depict colorful animations, images, and videos, subject to which full color outdoor LED display boards market will grow at a significant pace over 2016-2024. Even the tri-color display model is gaining remarkable prominence, pertaining to its rising adoption in scoreboards, digital signage, and perimeter boards. On account of the rapid development of digital signage market, tri-color outdoor LED display boards industry is expected to register a CAGR of 22.3% over 2016-2024.

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