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Our LED trailer - and outdoor LED solution

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Rental outdoor LED trailers are the ideal solution to transfer your pictures and videos on one or more large outdoor screens.

It is a large mobile LED wall mounted on a trailer. They are ideal for large events such as concerts, festivals, public viewings, outdoor cinemas, fairs and sporting events. 

Our technical solution includes a control room, which is located in the respective trailer. The LED trailer can also be used in daylight. It has high power LEDs and automatically adjusts to the ambient brightness. 

Furthermore, our trailers with LED trailers are robust and defy different weather conditions. 

Thanks to a compact design, our huge LED trailers can be easily installed on trailers or trucks. This  in various locations according to your wishes and according to the recommendations of our technicians. 

The fine adjustment mainly affects the sunlight. Especially our large LED trailers are technologically leading. They benefit from a 16: 9 format and a pixel pitch of 6-12 mm to ensure maximum quality for your event.

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