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Moving LED Advertisment Has Evolved A Great Deal

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As was previously mentioned, moving LED advertisment has been around for over 100 years, however, the digitization of this kind of signage didn’t happen until only the past few years.

Thanks to capability of modern wireless networks and smart devices to share and exchange data at near real-time speeds, moving LED advertisment is able to provide the kinds of marketing and advertising you would expect to find outside or within a physical store.

There are several scenarios in which on-vehicle or in-vehicle moving LED advertisment has already begun to be utilized by various companies. Sports and events, for example, have been using these technologies for several years now in an effort to both enhance their advertising operations as well as provide new and improved services before, during, and after sports and events. Below are a few examples of moving LED advertisment in mobile environments:

Taxi-Top Advertising for Local Businesses

On-vehicle moving LED advertisment on taxis is one of the areas in which moving LED advertisment has hit the ground running. Only a few years ago, taxicabs would have been utilizing only analog signage to indicate they were open for business and perhaps some paid advertising, too. Nowadays, it is possible to utilize on-vehicle moving LED advertisment for both business and advertising simultaneously.

Public Transportation Infotainment and Advertising

When it comes to Public transport, most applications of moving LED advertisment are inside of the vehicle. Transit agencies are utilizing in-vehicle computers built with military grade shock and vibration resistance to deploy not only moving LED advertisment but also other functions all in one platform.

Mobile Advertising Trucks for Brand or Event Promotion

With on-vehicle moving LED advertisment, businesses are able to promote their goods and services by targeting specific areas and sending their signage vehicle out in that direction. They are also a great way to showcase new offers and deals as well as provide a moving LED advertisment map towards the business itself.

There are also a number of potential applications within public events and ceremonies that could be utilised in order to enhance and improve operations during these kinds of events.

During this time of year, remembrance festivals commemorating all those lost in the two world wars are common, and on-vehicle moving LED advertisment could be used within ceremonies for various purposes such as information about the next event, timetabling, and even displaying the lyrics to hymns being sung on the day.
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