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Mobile Outdoor Screen In Movie Rental

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Mobile outdoor screen

We provide indoor and outdoor moviemobile outdoor screen rental for schools, pools, parks, apartments, communities, churches, backyards, and more.  We are the go-to for your next movie showing!

How it works

We provide the mobile outdoor screen needed as well as come set up the screen, sound, projector, DVD player or laptop, cables, and hook everything together.  We start the show and then stay onsite for the duration of the event.  After the event, we tear everything down and go home.  We are basically a full service company.  The only thing you have to provide the day of the event is the DVD and/or video file.

Trust the mobile outdoor screen

On top of providing a premium service, we also bring back up mobile outdoor screen.  We bring a backup projector, DVD player, blower, audio mixer, fm transmitter, speaker, amplifier, generator, and extra A/V cables so that we can guarantee our services!

Mobile outdoor screen difference

Our clients always thank us for making their events run smoothly and tell us that we were so easy to work with. Check out our photos, give us a call to learn everything you need to know, and get ready to be BLOWN AWAY!

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