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Mobile LED Trailer(Model:MBD-21S)

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JCT is the best choice of the Mobile LED Trailer for those who need to use outdoor mobile LED displays. Now we JCT launched the new Mobile LED Trailer (MBD) series products, MBD series currently has three models, called MBD-15S, MBD-21S, MBD-28S. Today introduce you the Mobile LED Trailer (Model: MBD-21S).

Container-box LED trailer
Mobile LED Trailer (Model: MBD-21S) continues the quality characteristics of JCT products, Added a closed box, Inside the box installed with two large pieces of split type LED outdoor display screens and speakers, power amplifier, industrial control machine, computer and other multimedia equipment, as well as lighting, charging sockets and other electrical equipment, Install all the display forms required for the outdoor LED display screen inside a (6300x2400x 3100mm) enclosed structure box, which can protect the LED screen and the multimedia equipment from the external environment, Not being afraid of the harsh environment. The closed container is made of hard steel structure frame and aluminum alloy outer frame, which can protect the equipment inside the box from external collision and blow to a certain extent, and is convenient for transportation and storage by customers.

One-key remote control operation of hydraulic lifting and rotating lock screen

The Mobile LED Trailer (Model: MBD-21S) created by JCT is designed with a one-button remote control for customer convenience. Customer simply gently presses the start button, The roof of the closed box connected to the LED screen will automatically rise and fall up, The screen will automatically rotate the lock screen after rising to the height set by the program, Lock up another large LED screen below, Hydraulic drive upward rise; After the screen rises to the specified height, The left and right folded screens can be expanded, Turn the screen into a large overall size of 7000x3000mm, Bring the audience a super-shocking visual experience, Greatly enhance the publicity effect of businesses; LED screen can also be operated hydraulically 360degree rotation, Regardless of where the Mobile LED Trailer is parked, Can adjust the height and rotation angle by remote control, Put it in the optimal visual position. This one-button remote control button operation, all hydraulic devices are safe and reliable operation, the structure is durable, no need for the user to carry out other dangerous manual operation, only 15 minutes, the whole Mobile LED Trailer can be put into use, so that can save users time and no worries.

Drag-type chassis, mobile transportation is fast and convenient

MBD-21S Mobile LED Trailer with closed box is installed on a removable trailer above the chassis, very convenient for users to move, easy to transport —— just connected to the traction rod, it is a moving box, a moving digital billboard.

JCT is a large production enterprise, mainly engaged in the research and development, sales and service of mobile LED trailers, mobile LED trucks, and customized LED vehicles. As a professional outdoor advertising vehicle and screen supplier, we have an excellent team focusing on product development, design, quality control and QC. JCT can provide users with a variety of solutions for customers to choose their ideal Mobile LED Trailer. Customers can not only choose the size, resolution, media processor and the brand specifications of the mobile chassis, but also customize the appearance style, customize the company brand logo and so on. Our experienced staff is committed to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, always meeting your requirements, providing you with high quality outdoor LED display solutions and ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

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