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LED truck is a very good outdoor advertising communication tool. It can do brand publicity for customers, road show activities, product promotion activities, and also serve as a live broadcasting platform for football games. It is a very popular product.

However, since the export of Chinese truck chassis to Europe and America requires certification, we have now found a more convenient method, that is, we only sell LED Truck body, and customers buy the chassis locally! We produce LED Truck Body according to chassis drawings, which is very convenient to install, so customers can save the cost of imported LED TRUCK!

The Led Truck is available on P2.5/P3/P4/P5/ screens, providing excellent visual performance for daily communication activities.

The customer purchase process of our LED Truck Body is as follows:

Step 1: We confirm which type of truck chassis to use, and both sides confirm the drawing as shown below:

Step 2: After confirming the drawings, our factory began to produce Truck Body!

Step 3: After the completion of production, it will be packed and transported to the port!

Step 4: It will be shipped from your port to your warehouse!

Step 5: According to the installation video we provided, you will install it in no time!

Step 6: This is the state of the client advertising outside!

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