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Mobile LED Screen Trailer Display

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Mobile LED Screen Trailer is being an important advertising media for outdoor events and advertising campaign on basis of its unique advanced structure feature.It's known as truck mounted LED display and trailer mounted LED screen.

Mobile LED Screen Trailer feature:

LED Screen system:

1. The screens are waterproof,anti-thunder,anti static etc. for outdoor environment use;

2 Each cabinet of the mobile LED screen trailer display must passe high level anti-shake test in our workshop to guarantee a perfect screen working during truck and trailer movement. We kindly recommend truck & trailer LED screen runs at speed less than 30km/h to allow audience enjoy events entertainment and advertising content, also LED display is running securely;

3. Truck LED display adopt our ultra slim rental LED screen cabinet to realize light weight requirement,so it would be easier and more secure to lift up and tear down LED wall in truck and trailer;

4. Fast lockers is equipped on each cabinet for quick installation of mobile LED screen. We are supplying complete set of truck and trailer LED screen, also if customers have a truck box or trailer already or convenient to buy locally, we would provide the LED screen only.

Mobile truck LED display and trailer LED screen is being widely used as a creative outdoor mobile advertising LED screen, and the structure itself also becomes one beautiful scene in the city,attracting more audience attention to see the advertising shown.

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