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Mobile LED Display

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If you’re new to Mobile LED Display (also, called LED displays, Jumbotrons, LED video walls, LED walls, etc.) you might be wondering just which type of screen is going to be best for your event, a mobile or modular Mobile LED Screen. When trying to determine which will best fit your event, it is important to consider a few different things:

Duration of your event
Will the screen need to be in several places in the same day?
Setup time
With mobile LED video screens rentals you can move the screen during the event.

Types of Events that Use Mobile LED Video Display Rentals
Bike races, triathlons, political rallies and marketing tours are just a few of the types of events that love to use our portable  Outdoor Mobile LED rentals, as they can save time and money. Bringing modular panels to each stage, building the truss structure and screen, and tearing it down when that stage is complete can be a huge hassle. This is why portable LED display rentals have become so popular as of late.

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