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LED mobile advertising vehicle has any driving skills

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Every holiday, merchants from all walks of life are brainstorming about the spread of promotional activities. What kind of claims can attract talents? What kind of steps might be revealed in many businesses? The display of the stage car , so many how many businesses are now bright, LED mobile advertising vehicle live, mobile lunch fast, no doubt became the best use of advertising claims.

However, many businesses are wondering, what are the many betrayal of so many effective vehicles driving compared with the wide car? The following is a rough description of the driving skills of LED scrolling advertising vehicles as follows:

The idea of controlling the movement of the diffuser at the start of the rolling truck is a quick, two slow, three-linked movement. It can be lifted quickly when the pedal is lifted; when the spreader is half-linked, the pedal is The speed of lifting is slightly slower; from the linkage to the traditional process, the pedal is slowly lifted. While the pedal of the disperser is raised, the left cadre thinks that the resistance level slowly steps on the accelerator pedal to make the rolling stage vehicle stable. Start.

Minor is the control when shifting: When shifting the gear in the rolling advertisement vehicle, the pedals of the special gathering accelerator should be stepped on and lifted quickly. Do not place a semi-linked scene. Otherwise, it will accelerate the wear of the spreader. , To guard against the throttle and throttle coordination. In order to make the shift smooth, fade the wear of the transmission shifting organization and the disperser, advocate the use of the two-foot disperser shifting method. Such steps are true to control, but it is to drive the car. Cheap and good steps.

Control at the end of the brakes: In the rolling advertising vehicle, except for the low-speed brake parking, the accelerator pedal must be pressed. The brakes under other circumstances should not even step on the accelerator pedal. The control step of the car is to step on the brake pedal first, and then step on the diffuser pedal to make the scrolling car stop smoothly.

At the end of the day, no matter what you want to do, don't step on it. When the scramblers on rolling advertising vehicles are in wide driving, they are in all joint situations. The spreader should not be slippery. When driving, the rolling advertisement vehicle should start and change. Block and low speed brakes need to step on the accelerator pedal. Do not idle time on the other pedals, or place your feet on the accelerator pedal.

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