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Mobile Exhibition Container For Any Application And Industry

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Mobile exhibition container with outstanding product characteristics is designed according to the product characteristics to be displayed. It is made of double-layer hollow tempered glass and relevant decorative materials, which is solid and heat-resistant. The mobile and convenient container exhibition platform is incomparable with other exhibition platforms, and its service life is more than 15 years.


1.Replace traditional building materials. Mobile exhibition container can not only replace the traditional exhibition mode, but also make full use of industrial building materials. The exhibition in the 21st century is environmental protection and energy saving. They replaced wood with steel, bricks with steel, and concrete with steel.

2.The ideal container structure exhibition box adopts brand-new or second-hand containers with appropriate decoration materials. It can be constructed according to the environment and users' preferences, so as to achieve the ideal exhibition effect environment.

3. On the basis of using containers, the mobile exhibition container is supplemented with thermal insulation and environmental protection materials, which fully fits the modern people's environmental protection concept of good thermal insulation performance and outstanding energy-saving effect. At present, it is a product with remarkable energy-saving effect.

4. Mobile exhibition container has good plasticity, suitable for different scenes and uses, and can also be used in DIY.

5. High deformation resistance. Mobile exhibition container can resist the hurricane of 70 meters per second and effectively protect the safety of life and property.

6. The mobile exhibition container building with thin wall, large space and free adopts box structure bearing system. The plane space design is comfortable, the space is large, the interior is clean and generous, the plane layout is random, the number of rooms can be increased at will, and the room size and function can be changed. It can reduce the floor area of brick concrete wall by more than 60%, effectively increase the use area and reduce the user investment. Cost.

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