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LED Billboard Bus Stop Display

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Outdoor advertising bus shelter LED Display Advertising Signage is a part of a comprehensive and modular passenger information system. Bus Shelter Displays can be integrated directly with an audio system and multimedia LED monitoring screen which provides passengers real-time updates.

Whether advertising some of the biggest brands on the exterior of the LED billboard bus or notifying passengers the next bus stop, the LED billboard bus signage and displays are the perfect media solutions for smart city mass transit vehicles, stops, stations and terminals.

Outdoor advertising bus shelter LED displays are very popular and reliable products offering optimum readability even in direct sunlight. Bus stop LED displays of SMD P5 pixel pitch, single or double-sided. Their main advantages are their modular design, high-quality components and their ability to function un-intermittently even in harsh environments.

Either inside bus shelters or on bus stops,  the outdoor LED displays provide passengers with information about LED billboard bus arrival times or any other details concerning their journey.

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