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Why a LED screen container?

A LED screen container is combines the advantages of an open and a closed LED truck. When you put the LED screen container on the ground, the base is about one meter lower than a closed led truck. It’s also one of the fastest ways to build up your screen and the best protection of your screen during transport, when stored on a parking lot but also on events the screen is out of reach. 


All LED screen containers consist of a metalized and spray painted chassis equipped with fold-out outriggers, a polyester body, a telescopic mast and the screen reinforcement structure which can be made out of 1, 2, 3 or 4 parts depending upon the desired screen surface. Each of those screen parts can be locked together to create one big seamless screen surface.

The chassis

The chassis of each vehicle is individually calculated, designed, manufactured and tested in house to hold a high quality standard. This ensure the chassis can handle the enormous windforces which act on the screen surface. Equipped with the fold out hydraulic outriggers this chassis guarantees the LED screen container won’t tip over till windforces of up to 7 beaufort. Also they allow you to lift the LED screen container of the truck without the need of a crane. Each chassis is provided with all the necessary mounting holes for the hydraulic unit, rotating motors and transport holders.

The mast

Depending on the purpose of the screen and the screen surface the mast will be designed to meet the desired hight till the bottom of the screen. All mast are equiped with our own sequence system to guarantee a smooth and safe elevation of the screen. Our mast elements are made with the highest precision to ensure the screen will be stable during fluctuating windforces. The hydraulic cylinder in the mast which is operated by the build in hydraulic pump lifts the screen to the desired hight. At the bottom of each mast the slewing ring allows you to rotate the screen 360°. Each mast is tested during construction to the maximum permitted windforces and can be approved by TUV.

The screen

The screen structure will be made out of high grade steel pipes welded together to form a light and at the same time strong frame. On to this custom made screen structure we provide mountings to exactly fit the screen tiles of your choice, so they are easy to mount and dismount but also to get as much access as possible to the datacards at the rear of the tiles. Optional we can provide ladders and foldable service platform on this tructure to get an easy acces to the screen. Guiding’s on the bottom of the structure makes sure each screenpart exacly fits on top of the other part without any seam. The screenparts can be locked together with hydraulic cylinders.


Because each LED screen container is custom made, options are endless. Some of the most common option on a LED screen container are service platforms in the screen structure, a PDU, a generator, a windmeter in the roof, fold-down stage.
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