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LED Screen Bus Signs

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LED screen bus destination and advertising signage is part of a comprehensive and modular passenger information system. Displays can be integrated directly with an audio system and multimedia LCD monitoring system which provides passengers real time updates. Whether advertising some of the biggest brands on the exterior of the bus or notifying passengers the next bus stop, our LED screen bus signage and displays are the perfect solution for city mass transit vehicles, stops, stations and terminals.

Product Features:

1) With good lightening accordance and no mosaic.

2) Can play different formats of image files, flash, WAV/MIDI, video signal from TV, video signal from video and other equipment.

3) Uses real pixels rather than virtual pixels, best viewing distance is more than 4 meters.

4) High definition and high brightness, and the definition and brightness can be adjustable, meets the need of changing requirement of customer in environment.

5) Different video frequency can be changed freely at the same time, and the image can be enlarged and reduced.

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