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Glass Mobile Display Trucks

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Glass mobile display truck and mobile billboards available range from 12 to 24 feet in box length and feature onboard generator and air conditioning. Units can be leased with a driver for turnkey PR event execution or leased by themselves for longer term consumer mobile tours utilizing an agency mobile tour staff.

Glass mobile display truck can be wrapped for use as a simple mobile billboard, have a custom interior installed for use as a 3D mobile billboard, or used as a custom event environment. Glass mobile display truck are ideal solutions for many marketing campaigns with their ability to turn relatively simple build outs into eye catching vehicles.

The quickness in which these mobile event vehicles can be deployed makes them better suited for quick turn campaigns. Glass display boxes need minimal vinyl to appear fully wrapped saving thousands in wrap cost for both short and long term projects.

12 foot glass display truck fleets are available for mobile billboard city blitzes or simultaneous execution in multiple cities across the US. Digital display truck fleets can also show off your digital content.

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