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How Mobile Advertising Truck Does Mobile Advertising

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We're the type of people who like to test our boundaries and get really loud about how awesome our clients are. With mobile digital billboard advertising, we'll set the wheels in motion and create buzz about your brand by:

Being unapologetically obvious. We're there to make a statement, and our large-and-in-charge mobile video screens have no qualms about turning heads.

Following your followers. Our video mobile advertising trucks go wherever your audience beckons. We can hang out right here in NYC or take your campaign across time zones. We all have a little road warrior within us.

Flexing our versatility. Our mobile advertising truck advertising will readily display any sort of image you bring to the table, including photos or videos.

That's not all! When you choose JingChuan as your mobile billboard company, you have options. We'll plan a route for your mobile marketing campaign that takes your mobile advertising truck directly through some of the most trafficked areas in town so every car on the road gets a glimpse at your LED screens. Or, we can put your mobile advertising truck in a parking lot where pedestrians are sure to see it.

To up the ante on your see-and-be-seen approach, we'd recommend a little of both. Our team is happy to help you devise a big-picture campaign that checks all your boxes.
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