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Features of Big Screen Trailer

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All big screen trailers come with 4032mmx2496mm outdoor waterproof LED billboard. You can easily use the LED screen control software system to play any text, graphics, animation and it is fully capable of running all video formats in in your outdoor events . This MOBO trailer is user friendly and can be quickly operated to upload attractive vibrant media content on trailer screens.

The traditional outdoor billboard advertising business is becoming more and more expensive due to increasing fierce competition. The big screen trailer offers you a cost-effective solution to develop the new outdoor LED display rental business. Designed for medium and small events, the big screen LED trailer can provide your own advertising space in the corner of the city or anywhere that your clients request.

The big screen trailer is custom-built , utilizing industry-leading components including a high brightness digital outdoor screen, on-board power, sound, and production equipment for fast setup and easy operation. Our target clients include cities/municipalities, event companies, production companies, LED display distributors, and OOH media companies.

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