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Expandable Mobile Exhibition Container

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Movable spaces

The expandable mobile exhibition container comes in three sizes of 25, 30 and 44ft. All expandable mobile exhibition containers can be secured with a twist-lock system, ensuring easy transportation. Once set up, the four support legs are placed underneath the mobile exhibition container and hidden from view. Due to its compact design, the mobile exhibition container is particularly suitable for product presentations.

Expandable mobile exhibition container compact during transportation, spacious after set up

Compact during transportation, the expandable mobile exhibition containers comprise a flat surface area of 33, 42 and 62m2 respectively, once extended. The chassis is equipped with four twist locks, allowing the mobile exhibition container to be transported easily and safely by normal truck. Upon arrival, the expandable mobile exhibition container lowers itself to the ground by means of wirelessly controlled hydraulic cylinders. The cylinders are placed flat on the ground, out of sight, once the longitudinal sides have been extended.

The expandable mobile exhibition container is fully customizable

You can fully customize the mobile exhibition container, both inside and out, to meet your requirements. Making the expandable mobile exhibition container that is easily deployable at any given location, whether it be an exhibition or roadshow. For example, equip the mobile exhibition container with a glass wall and sliding doors to transform it into an attractive and representative exhibition room. With a step height of only 26 cm. Please check our configuration page to see examples of different windows and entrance possibilities.

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