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E-W 4800 LED Truck

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A large customized four sided led vehicle screen without a car head was sent from JCT. to Ningbo port for export, and successfully arrived in Australia, a beautiful country, through large cargo ship transportation. Then the customers in Australia will assemble the front chassis prepared locally in advance with this super large customized four-sided led vehicle screen, which will be perfectly transformed into a freely movable LED outdoor publicity vehicle.

Due to the restrictions of local truck chassis export policy, some countries are unable to import the whole LED publicity vehicle from China. In view of this situation, JCT recommends a scheme to customize the LED vehicle screen for customers. Customers provide the basic information and parameters of the local truck head chassis. We then customize and produce the carriage with LED screen according to the parameters of the car head. After the carriage is sent to the customer's country, Remotely guide customers to assemble the front and carriage together, and easily transform the whole vehicle into a complete mobile LED publicity vehicle. Of course, customers can also freely choose the configuration of LED on-board screen. Whether it is the lifting of LED screen in one side carriage, the lifting of LED screen in two sides carriage, or the installation of LED HD screen on four sides of carriage, JCT can meet the needs of customers one by one.

Just like this super large four sided LED truck screen exported to Australia, the customer chose the 6.6m truck. The size of the whole LED truck screen is 6600 * 2100 * 2800mm. With four sided screens, the largest LED screen on the left and right sides of the truck is double-sided hydraulic lifting, with a travel of 2000 meters and a screen size of 5440mm * 2400mm. A P4 high-definition outdoor full-color screen with a size of 1600 * 640mm is installed at the top of the car near the front direction; The 360 degree non dead angle visual picture design of the whole car allows the customer's LED publicity car to switch the advertising picture at any time during outdoor publicity, so that the information is everywhere. With its exquisite appearance and advanced performance, led publicity car has successfully attracted the attention of foreign public. No matter where you go, led publicity car is a beautiful scenery. Our customers in Australia are very satisfied with our truck LED screens.

Product technical parameters:

1、the whole LED truck screen is 6600 * 2100 * 2800mm.

2、video control system :NOVA VX2U+NOVA TB6-4G.

3、with double sides lifting.

4、with 24KW generator.

5、with P4 nationstar light.

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