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5 benefits of truck mounted screen

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Mobility = flexibility

Truck mounted screens are just that – mobile. If you decide you want to move the truck mounted screen mid-event, or have it in multiple locations in 1 day, no sweat. Just let your rental provider know and they’ll get it done.

In addition, after its stationed, the truck mounted screen itself can be easily moved. Hydraulically adjustable truck mounted screen heights and 360° swivel mounts allow you to capture the audience from the perfect angle every time.

Simplified load-in and strike

Set-up and tear-down can be some of the most hectic times during an event. Multiple vendors, trucks of equipment, and everyone either rushing to get show-ready or to get home as fast as possible.

With a truck mounted screen, all the equipment is on-board, and it is operated by 1 person. Instead of needing trucks of equipment and laborers, truck mounted screens deploy with 1 truck, 1 trailer, and 1 person. They are typically set up and torn down within 10-20 minutes.

Less labor hours, people, and equipment = one less vendor to worry about during the logistical madness of load-in & strike.

Lower price

It should come as no surprise that less labor requirements equals a lower rental price tag.

In general, a truck mounted screen is about 20%-40% less expensive to rent than a modular one of the same size & specs.

Better aesthetic

Some people may prefer the look of modular trussing over a mobile truck or trailer.

But here’s the deal – since truck mounted screens are supported from the ground by a vertical beam (as opposed to hung from trussing), you have more opportunity to dress them up in a visually appealing way.

Methods of dressing a truck mounted screen include fencing, draping, and hiding behind structures or landscapes.

Get creative with your mobile rental set-up and all that you will see is an edge-to-edge, seamless display, offering a superior aesthetic over its modular alternative.

Power is included

When you rent a modular truck mounted screen, you are typically responsible for providing the power.

When you go mobile, the power is onboard, giving you one less thing to worry about and pay for.


Truck mounted screens simplify the rental process by giving you more flexibility at a lower price tag.

Whether you are looking to make the switch to mobile or are a first-time renter, they are worth checking out.

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