Jingchuan as LED mobile media customized solutions provider, to provide customers with hundreds of different types of LED advertising car design, involving all types of chassis carriers, such as trucks, trailers, electric cars, etc .; all kinds Type of mechanical structure design, electrical structure design; different types of multimedia terminals and control, such as remote touch, multimedia interaction, 3D holographic projection; all kinds of size requirements, resolution requirements of the LED display, and other digital media types; Customized customer needs to provide professional solutions.

1.Please paint lubrication on the four supporting legs every month regularly.

2.Please make sure that you’ve done the following work before tow.

1)Check if the doors of the LED screen cabinet are locked firmly.

2)Check if the connecting screws of hydraulic lifting system are tweaked firmly.

3)Check if the LED screen is lifted down to the bottom position.

4)Check if the screws on the wheel nave are loose

5)Check if the pressure in the types is all right.

6)When the trail is towed, its minimum turning diameters must be above 15m, and the speed must be ≤30Km/H.