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1.Connect the power amplifier lines, the fan lines and the LED large-screen lines into the back of the timer.

2.Set the timing clock in the LED software and then close the time of the computer.

3.Set the opening and closing time of the timer.

4.Restart the computer and press the "DEL" key to enter into the "BIOS", and choose the "Power" option.

5.Choose the "Resume On RTC Alarm" and turn the "Disabled" into the "Enabled".

6.The  “RTC Alarm Date (days)" option will occur after it is started, and then press the + or – to adjust it to be the "Eve ry Day" mode.

7.Change the last option “system time” into the time by which the computer will be started according to the timing every day.

8.Press F10 and save it and then exit.

9.The above two programs both should be carried on with the operation: the first four options of the “auto-set” option in the LED software should be chosen.

10.This kind of program is realized like this: the large-screen is closed firstly through the timer, then the computer is shut down; and the computer and the large-screen will be started according to the pre-set time when re-starting the computer, and thus to start all the functions.

11.How can we deal with it if the time of the timer is not correct?

Answer: adjust the product to the “on” position of the battery switcher, press down the "clock button" continually and at the same time, press the “week adjusting button, hour adjusting button, minute adjusting button”, and then adjust the Beijing time.

12. Set the timer’s switching time.



Set item


Press (manually)

Keep the short horizontal line of the monitor on the automatic position


Press (timing)

Entering into the timing “on” set (display l *)


Press (week adjusting)

Set: the same every day, different every day, the same from Monday to Friday, or the same from Saturday to Sunday


Press (hour adjusting) (minute adjusting)

Set the “on” time


Press (timing)

Entering into the timing “off” set (display l *)


Press (hour adjusting) (minute adjusting)

Set the “off” time


Repeat 2-6

Set the second to the twelfth time’s “on and off” time


Press (clock)

End the timing


The 2 to 6 should be repeatedly pressed if it needs to set other on and off time, and it has no need to press the option 8 when ending it.

13. Cancel the timing or recovery time

Press “timing” Press “Cancel or recovery” (Note, steps should be repeated if need to set many times.)

Press “clock” back to the original interface