Jingchuan as LED mobile media customized solutions provider, to provide customers with hundreds of different types of LED advertising car design, involving all types of chassis carriers, such as trucks, trailers, electric cars, etc .; all kinds Type of mechanical structure design, electrical structure design; different types of multimedia terminals and control, such as remote touch, multimedia interaction, 3D holographic projection; all kinds of size requirements, resolution requirements of the LED display, and other digital media types; Customized customer needs to provide professional solutions. to deal with if the the screen is not bright:Check the power supply of Led screen, if the switch have problems or short circuit, to the monitor which synchronous with the computer ,check if the computer entered into the sleeping mode or screen protection status. Communication line should be checked if connected, if connected right, check the communication line if inserted well, whether the sending card connected well.

2.How to deal with if receiver card has signal but the screen is not bright:The adapter plate does not match(find out a adapter plate which match with the joint part.)

3.How to deal with if Signal of receiver card is not match the image on the screen:Program should be found which receiver card can matching with the system better.

4.How to deal with if the signal cannot be found which from COM to sending card when the studio started every time:The serial port cable is connect wrong or the COM port of computer is damaged.The communication line, graphics card and DVI line is connected wrong between the computer and the large screen.