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Why mobile billboards command your audience’s attention

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We have a long, rambling list of reasons why we love mobile billboards, and especially our mobile billboards. But you’re looking for hard facts, the evidence that declares, without a doubt, why mobile billboards are an essential medium to any media plan. So we’ve scraped the hearts off of our sleeves to look very objectively at this advertising solution. Here’s a bit of science behind why mobile billboards work.

Compared to all other OOH media formats, mobile billboards over-indexed to black, Hispanic and Asian audiences and to ages 16-49. Leading ad industry research suggests that this OOH media format can reach your specific audiences.

Mobile billboard are noticed quicker and are more memorable. According to a study by APN using brain scanning technology, a mobile billboard that moves has a 45% higher peak exposure than stationary advertisements. Once there is a higher level of engagement with the brand, we found that this then results in a deeper level of memory encoding, memory encoding can increase recall of a brand, and drive greater brand salience.”

Highly targeting your advertisement to the right people in the right place at the right time results in more quality impressions. Because of the move-ability factor, mobile billboards go directly to where your audience lives, works and plays. A mobile billboard campaign can dominate an entire market or can narrow-cast down to a hyper-local level. Your mobile billboard creative should speak directly to your precise target audience where it will resonate the most. With intelligent mapping software, we can identify the most strategic route based not just on location but also demographics and additional location data insights. Mobile billboards can also target based on interest. For example, if you want to reach sports fans, a mobile billboard can run during tailgating hours on busy game days. If you want to reach the college-aged crowd, a mobile billboard can target a campus and visit popular student hangouts. Large events, such as festivals, conferences, Comic-Con or the Super Bowl are also great ways to target a specific type of audience. So not only will your reach and frequency rates be high, but you’ll be confident that those impressions were by the people you actually care about. 

Mobile billboards are an effective geoconquesting tactic. Are you looking for ideas to steal market share from your competitors? Imagine your rival’s un-delight when you roll a larger-than-life advertisement near their store locations! For example, if you’re a new coffee shop in town, which would be most effective? You can either post a roadside billboard along a busy freeway or you can drive that OOH message directly to those coming and going from your competitor coffee chain with an exclusive offer.

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