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What is a big screen trailer?

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You could say a big screen trailer is a giant television set except... It has many more advantages. The main advantage is its flexibility. A big screen trailer is composed by several display panel units assembled together likes bricks. Such an equipment offers endless possibilities: dimensions, formats or even forms.

Each screen is custom manufactured. Its dimensions, its parameters, its resistance to bad weather, its pixels density or its brightness always depend on the customer’s project. For example, an outdoor big screen trailer will be resistant to water infiltration (IP65) and a high brightness that can go up to 8000 nits (30 times brighter than your average television set).

Bring your communication to a brand-new level

Choose for a more dynamic communication with big screen trailer and you won’t be unnoticed anymore. The main goal of a giant big screen trailer is to display content on a more dynamic, punctual and automatized manner. We provide you with several options both for the equipment and the software. We offer turnkey projects that are specially designed to meet your needs as best as possible.

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