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What are the uses and applications for mobile LED panel?

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We live in an increasingly connected world, where we receive information practically at every step we take. Thus, it is important to make sure that all the information we want to give our users always stand out and is visible. Knowing exactly where to place your mobile LED panel will be key for your mobile LED panel to be effective in their mission. So, let’s see all the applications and uses of mobile LED panel for information:

Offices: Display quarterly KPIs, welcome new workers, inform about important news, raise the morale of workers … Companies with a lot of staff can often require a more colorful means of communication than a simple email , and a mobile LED panel is one of the best options for everyone to keep up to date with the outstanding news of your company.

Government institutions: In the same way that an office needs to transmit its activity to its workers, public institutions, in addition to that, must do so to the population. Thousands of people go through town halls and delegations every day, so it is important that the work done in these institutions during the day to day is communicated effectively. From announcing their agenda, meeting timetables to promoting the campaigns that are carried out, the possibilities are endless.

Transportation: Train or bus stations, stops at street level and airports have the need to communicate with travelers at all times, this is very clear. Communicating the arrival and departure times of any means of transport is essential, but it is also a good way to inform about possible delays, promote the shops that are in the station and even inform about weather conditions.

Shops: Whatever your business, the use of mobile LED panel is not only able of advertising your company but is an ideal element to inform passers-by about special offers and highlight those products you want. Not only this, but mobile LED panel and signs for pharmacies can also inform about the weather, play health tips and even promote certain services on offer.

Streets: In addition to all of the above, the cities and towns also have the need to transmit information to their citizens, from the latest news of the municipality to communicate important announcements.

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