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What are the types of available Mobile LED screens?

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When investing in an mobile LED sign, make sure you conduct your research and look at the different options available. Balance out the pros and cons of different types of mobile LED signs and decide which one is best for your business.

Below are the types of mobile LED signs available at LED Craft Inc:

  1. Church Signs
  2. Billboard Signs: Communicate your message to thousands of people driving by every day with an innovative digital billboard design.
  3. LED School Signs
  4. Fire Department Signs
  5. Auto Dealer Signs: Useful information displayed on LED signs throughout your auto dealership will not only drive sales but also work wonders in occupying your customers while they are waiting to be served.
  6. Restaurant Signs: Reap the convenience and benefits of a digitalized menu board and offer customers a finer dining experience at your restaurant.
  7. Shopping Centre LED Signs: Strategically placed mobile LED signs at shopping centres will be of great help to customers when it comes to obtaining wayfinding, product, brands and store information within the shopping centre.
  8. Combo Signs: Improve your brand image with expertly designed combo mobile LED signs that are dual purpose, energy efficient and have exceptional image quality.
  9. Monument Style Signs: Turn your business sign into a landmark by investing in customized monument style mobile LED signs and attracting the attention of every individual walking or driving past your business.
  10. Other Retail Signs: Promoting your retail business through a cleverly designed mobile LED sign is the most profitable advertising form.
  11. LED Panels: Give your event a sophisticated look by installing LED panels on location
  12. Mobile LED Signs: Convert your vehicle into a messaging device by mounting mobile LED signs on it. Earn additional revenue with this clever investment.
  13. Stage Rental mobile LED signs: Rent large outdoor LED screens for your stage shows to provide amazing colour effects, imagery and virtual scenes that enhance the overall look of the stage.
  14. Stadium mobile LED signs: Make sure your audience does not miss a moment of action by installing massive stadium mobile LED signs that provide top notch visual performance and have suitable structures for different stadiums.
  15. Video Walls
  16. Transparent LED Wall Displays: Make use of the glass walls in your store by installing transparent LED wall displays.
  17. LED Gas Price Signs: Attract traffic with a vibrantly designed LED gas price sign. It is the best solution for your petrol station to gain a competitive advantage at an extremely affordable price.
  18. LED Street Light Solutions: Give your city a new look by investing in new lighting technology that is not just affordable but also extremely energy efficient.

Each of these digital signs are available in different sizes and shapes so you can choose according to your requirements.

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