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What Are the Different Types of mobile advertising truck?

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Some of the different types of mobile advertising trucks include radio advertising, mobile billboard advertising, advertising trucks and other mobile outdoor advertising such as bus and car wraps, bus stop advertising signs and building banners. Mobile advertising, also referred to as OOH advertising, is a term that describes any type of marketing that reaches its intended audience out of the home.

One of the oldest and most commonly known forms of mobile advertising truck is radio advertising. Radio advertising commercials, which are known in the industry as radio spots, typically reach people when they are driving in their trucks. Now, with the advancement of technology, people listening to the radio on their iPods, iPhone or other MP3 players are also consumers of mobile radio advertising.

A mobile billboard is another form of mobile advertising truck. These are billboards that are specifically built to be mounted on the back of truck or commercial-type truck. The truck drives around town with the billboard mounted on the back of it, specifically to advertise the business, organizations, event, product or service that is on the billboard.

Advertising trucks are another one of the types of mobile advertising trucks. Typically, these are trucks owned by the company that the driver is employed by. For example, a linen cleaning company may have a box truck that has its name, business phone number, website address and the service it provides painted, or somehow adhered to the sides and the back of the truck. As the linen company drives around town picking up dirty linens and delivering clean linens to its clients, it is also advertising to everyone that is on the road while the company driver is working.

Bus and car wraps are two other types of mobile advertising. Wraps are advertisements that are not permanent, so they are made of a material that can be added to buses and cars, but removed if a new campaign is required. The wrap goes around the sides of the car or the bus. Again as the bus or the car wrapped in these advertisements drive around town, it is promoting the business.

Bus stop signs are another mobile option of advertising. These are the signs that are slid into the bus stop shelter glass. While bus riders are waiting for the bus, they are the recipients of mobile advertising. Even people walking on the street past the bus stop enclosure are exposed to the advertisement, so it is also a mobile form of advertising.

Building banners are another one of the types of mobile advertising trucks. Sometimes the banners that hang on the building promote companies that occupy the building, but this is not always the case. Sometimes other companies choose to hang its advertising banner on a particular building because of exposure.

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