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What are examples of mobile advertising?

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According to Statista, there are around 6.6 billion smartphone users worldwide. They use their mobile devices to explore products, search for necessary information, and order different items. That’s why it’s crucial to adopt mobile advertising. There are many reasons to consider mobile advertising for your business, and now we’ll review them all.

First of all, people spend around five to six hours on their smartphones during their spare time every day. This means that they search for information using Google or social media platforms. Customers use their cell phones to order from famous eCommerce platforms like Amazon and eBay and buy food from grocery stores and restaurants. Brands that develop mobile campaigns to introduce their products and lead consumers toward a sale, see a considerable increase in their profits.

With location data and search history, businesses can understand the needs of their prospects and address them. Entrepreneurs can leverage personalization and deliver targeted messages to the right people. Besides, marketers can tailor relevant offers and see real-time customer responses.

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