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Types of Mobile LED Billboards

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What sets mobile LED billboard effectiveness apart from other forms of advertising is that these can deliver messages in places that static and other digital billboards are unable to reach. Moreover, this method offers a means of advertising to be seen near competitors and makes sure that it is not cluttered by other advertisements. There is also the advantage that the content is seen by drivers and people on foot in the city and in urban areas and within a few minutes this message can move to high traffic areas in suburban inner and outer rings.

Mobile LED billboard trucks are often used in parades, product launches, furniture displays as well as general rapid-awareness creation. Let us discuss a few types of mobile LED billboards commonly in use:

Truck advertising is where a mobile LED billboard is placed on two or three sides of trucks that are most often used for transporting goods for companies to and from various destinations. Advertisements created in vinyl material and plastered on the truck provides a means of affordable advertising with more real estate and a very high reach.

Vehicle wraps are used with smaller vehicles to market products and services. The advertisement is either painted directly onto the vehicle or printed on vinyl sheets and then pasted. Vehicle wraps are beneficial in your marketing campaign because of its attention-grabbing visuals and the ability to target specific audiences.

Trailer billboards are thin billboards that are usually hauled behind pickups and trucks. Because these are accompanied with LED lighting, trailer billboards are more effective for targeting night time audiences. The advantaged of these include ample space for advertising and can include multiple ads on each billboard. Furthermore, trailer billboards are highly versatile as they can be removed and mounted as and when necessary, and because they have two sides, different ads can be displayed on each side.

Digital mobile LED billboard advertising includes using LED screens to display ads on moving vehicles. This modern and highly versatile technique of advertising allows numerous advertisements to be displayed throughout the day, so you can target different audiences and reach a wider customer base. High visibility and affordability (by sharing the vehicle with other companies) are the biggest benefits of digital mobile LED billboards.

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