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Types of Exhibition Trailer

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Hospitality Exhibition Trailers:

From F1 track days to horse trials these exhibition trailers are often fitted out to provide luxurious facilities.Often occupied by up to 70 people these exhibition trailers need to be level and stable, all powered by Hydraulic power packs and hydraulic control systems.To gain extra space the more sophisticated have hydraulic sliding pods to expand the floor space.Hydraproducts can design and manufacture a hydraulic power pack that meets these needs. Often in a tight space, low noise and simple to operate and maintain the hydraulics will give reliable operation all over the world.

Roadshow Exhibition Trailers:

Hydraulic powered stages and huge TV Screens give these vehicles a potential for brand marketing. Controlling such functions relies on a hydraulic system that can safely and smoothly move these large objects around.Where safety is a paramount feature Hydraproducts utilises the highest of quality Sun Hydraulics counterbalance valves to control loads. Using proportional valve systems with digital feedback features our hydraulic power units can automatically level a exhibition trailer prior to use and maintain it throughout its use.

Catering Exhibition Trailers:

From the smaller kiosks to the luxurious restaurant and bars these exhibition trailers will rely on a hydraulic system to lower stabilising legs, raise side shades, lower access steps and push out side pods. Our Micro hydraulic powerpack is a common feature for individual functions, putting the hydraulic power directly where it is needed saving the long pipework and valve systems.

Hydraulic Power Packs

DC powered motors from 150Watts to 3kW these hydraulic units are designed specifically to run from commercial vehicle electrical systems. Where more constant power is required the AC motors are used to power the hydraulics, this gives up to 5.5kWatts, which is more than enough to operate most trailer functions. Gear Pump with outputs from 1cc to 9.8cc/rev capable of pressures up to 250 bar, our mini hydraulic power packs are a modular build, easy to install and maintain.
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