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Turn a mobile display truck to your profit

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Whether you want to promote special discount campaigns or offers, products or events, we are here to enable cost-effective communication with your target market. For small and large companies, mobile billboards are an excellent tool to increase brand awareness. Plus, you can benefit from:

Budget-friendly billboard rates. Save your time, effort, and, on top of it, money. With our billboards, you can max out your coverage while delivering your message to more people at an affordable rate.

Many customization options. Advertising on the sides of a mobile display truck allows you to experiment with sizes, colors, and fonts for your marketing campaign. Mobile LED displays and outdoor speakers can also add engaging effects to your ads.

Stronger commitment. When people are waiting, walking, or sitting outdoors, billboards are a welcome distraction. They encourage viewers to perform the target action as quickly as possible, whether you want them to order pizza or visit your website.

Longer shelf life. While a newspaper subscriber throws a piece away after reading it, mobile display trucks catch attention for a longer time. They can’t be thrown away, switched off, or paged through.

High visibility. Static and digital displays are visible around the clock. That means you put your message in the limelight and make sure it’s seen. With displays up to 10 feet high, you are always one step ahead of your competitors.
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