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Transparent LED Screen Container, for Indoor Type

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In today’s ever changing environment, technology plays a crucial role. LED technology is creating better display options for promotion, entertainment and communication. We specialize in smart LED solutions that create WOW factor for brands. Our LED screen container are made of SMD/DIP technology.With various permutations and combinations we create highly customizable Indoor, semi outdoor and outdoor LED screen container. We provide end-to-end solutions, making it easier for client to incorporate LED screen container in their Communication/Advertisement system. Our 360° solution includes hardware, software, installation, customization, content & support. Depending upon the viewing distance the pixel pitches are decided for LED screen container. We provide range of pixel pitches from 3 mm to 10 mm and more. As per the prerequisite of client’s site the LED screen container option is suggested and even customized.

Outdoor LED screen container Series

DIP technology based outdoor LED screen container are suitable for larger audience and open, spacious premises. These LED screen container are high brightness and contrast displays. Rugged, waterproof & weatherproof, suitable for outdoor environment.

LED Screen Container Rental Series

LED screen container rental series displays are heavily used in direct marketing. It serves as a perfect backdrop in events, product launches or conferences, TV shows etc. This LED screen container series is light in weight and easily portable.

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