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Traditional Advertising VS Mobile LED Billboard

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Electronic media and print media will fall under the category of traditional advertisements. Each form of advertising has its own pros and cons. Mobile LED billboard advertising can be used when you want to target a specific audience in a specific location. Targeting the right audience is one of the important factors in all advertising campaigns. It is easy to achieve this feat through mobile advertisements. More than static billboards, mobile LED billboards are 65% more effective and have a 57% higher conversion rate. Mobile LED billboards can be made more effective with branded trucks. You can place trucks in front of live campaigns which is not possible using static billboards. 

The results and responses of mobile LED billboard advertising are easy to track. With the backing of technology like GPS, you will know where all the truck ads went and from where the audiences have reached out. You will be able to control the truck better with GPS. Whenever you find there is heavy traffic, you can request for the truck to stop for a while so it gets greater exposure. You can also track and eliminate underperforming trucks and routes. It is more profitable to retain only those that deliver results. Mobile LED billboard advertising can be more livelier than traditional advertising. You can gauge consumer reaction immediately and interact with them to understand their views.

Another interesting advantage is that billboard advertising cannot be blocked like online ads. As per a recent survey, online ad blocking grew by 90%. Many users resort to blocking ads to avoid irrelevant content from flooding their inboxes. So, more than online ads, mobile LED billboards ads can get more exposure among the masses. Also, it is a common practice to switch channels during ad time. Advertisements are focused to garner views during prime time of popular shows on TV and radio. But most listeners and viewers try to avoid ads as it disrupts entertainment. This makes mobile LED billboard ads more effective than traditional ads.

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