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The advantages of having a truck mounted screen in your car

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Truck mounted screen is installed in a car or truck. It can display text, pictures, animation, video, and so on. Compared to ordinary fixed LED display, it has much higher requirements about stability, anti-jamming, shockproof feature, dustproof performance, and so on.


Truck mounted screen is an extension of the advertising media LED. Truck mounted screen is often used for displaying outdoor information announcement, image advertising, activities advertising, mobile stage background, information media, live scores, etc. It can also be widely installed in automobiles, ships, taxi and other vehicles.

Competitive Advantages

1. Compared to other LED screens, truck mounted screen has been in a state of motion. Advertising information can be played at any time as the vehicle moves on the road. Truck mounted screen has much stronger transmission ability and wider coverage.

2. It also enjoys the advantages of high brightness and strong adaptability. It adopts high brightness LED. Even in the sun, it is still clearly visible over a long distance. It can adapt to either dry or wet environment.

3. Tuck mounted screens are easy to operate and convenient to use. Customers can change information and broadcast videos very conveniently whether using a computer or mobile phone.

4. Truck mounted screen has the features of modular design, reliable performance and convenient maintenance. Display, control system and power supply are designed separately.
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