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Standard Outdoor LED Display Board

Source:JHheater Release date:2022-06-28 Views:191 Share it to:
Our classic outdoor LED display board is still a leading option for your outdoor advertising. Choose a fixed LED sign for long-lasting performance and stunning visuals. This outdoor LED display board uses dual in-line package technology, which is an affordable and reliable option.

Access your sign with either the front or rear access panels for ease of maintenance. All outdoor signs are created for simple installation and maintenance. A complicated maintenance task results in greater costs, so our easy-to-access signage saves you money in the long run.

This sign comes with a built-in fan to adjust the internal temperature. It automatically adjusts both the fan speed and the brightness of your LEDs, so you can enjoy lower electricity use and improved performance in a variety of outdoor conditions.

Customize the size and pixel pitch of your sign for greater levels of customization. The outdoor LED display board is available with 10mm-25mm pixel pitch. As part of our turn-key solutions, we design and brand your sign before installing it safely and efficiently.
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