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Professional maintenance of good LED trailer method

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With normal LED display of electronic products, LED trailer in the outdoor mobile vehicle when used in the environment, running time, etc, all have complex problems, therefore in use not only need to pay attention to the use of skills, but also need often to maintenance of LED trailer, it can ensure the quality of the LED trailer and longevity.

1. we should pay attention to the humidity of the environment around the LED trailer, so that items with moisture can not enter the inside of the LED trailer.If the wet LED advertising screen is electrified, it will cause the internal parts of the LED trailer to be corroded by water vapor, which will cause irreparable damage to the LED trailer.

2. try to avoid the possible occurrence, such as sharp scratches and other situations, when cleaning the screen can be irrigated with tap water, while using soft brush to wash.

3. In use, it is also necessary to do a good job in daily maintenance.Regularly dusting and cleaning the screen can improve the display effect of the LED trailer and increase its influence.

4. the screen supply power is also required to be stable, and should do a good job of grounding protection, in the climate is not good, blowing gale, rain, thunder, should close the screen, no longer used.

5. LED trailer should be placed in an environment with good air circulation and less dust.Large particles of dust not only weaken the display, but also damage the circuits of LED trailer.

6. Correct switching sequence of LED trailer:

(1) first turn on the power switch.Then play the screen control device, and then run the screen control software, stable operation, in the power to open LED trailer.

(2) First turn off the screen, then turn off the computer, and finally turn off the power.

7. LED trailer should ensure that there are more than two hours a day is not working.In wet and cold weather, you should have the LED trailer running at least once a week.

8. Regularly check the LED trailer. If there is anything wrong, it should be timely reflected and repaired and replaced.

9. when the screen, try not to let the LED trailer in the full color highlighting screen for a long time, this will form the screen current is too large, the coil is easy to heat too much, will damage the wick.
Professional LED trailer service provider - Taizhou Jingchuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. in this remind you: in the process of using LED trailer, we must pay attention to the maintenance of details, only good maintenance, can prolong the service life of LED trailer, but also can bring you more benefits.
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