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Mobile Stage Trucks With LED Screen

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Mobile stage trucks aim at the mobile advertising market as a display solution. It is an extension of LED advertising media, used for mobile outdoor advertising, stage background, information media, live matches.

The flexibility to move the electric chassis can lift the screen, ultra-thin design, easy to install easy to dismantle, use aluminum alloy box, greatly reducing the weight of car display, easy to light and flexible movement. Car Screen work from the weather, the We have various mobile stage truck for sale.

Use of industrial computer control, stable and reliable performance.

The advantage of mobile stage trucks with LED screen

1. DIP LED encapsulation confirm the high brightness even under strong sunlight

2. Good protection level waterproof, anti-corrosion, oxidation resistance, long life span

3. Long viewing distance, High definition, Good uniformity

4. Brightness can be adjusted automatically according to different surroundings,

5. Can be set to open and close the screen automatically

6. Can be fixed on the wall, by pole support on the street, on top of building, or for stage rental hanging to meet the request of concert stage background, event show, live broadcasting, live meeting, banquet, party, etc, to display the content what you want, by video, graphics, animation etc, connect with PC computer or network, also can remote control with asynchronous system, Wifi control, 3G control.

7. Widely used for outdoor commercial advertising, stage rental, traffic advertising, mobile stage trucks advertising, sports stadium advertising etc.

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