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Mobile LED screen: What They Are, How They’re Used, and Where to Get One

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Mobile video walls can be a great way to display engaging and informative video content to large groups of people, indoor or outdoor, day or night, and in multiple locations in one day. But what exactly is a mobile LED screen, and is it worth the investment to rent or buy one? Learn everything you need to know about the technology and whether you should consider renting or buying a mobile led screen.

What is a mobile video wall?

A mobile video wall is simply a video wall constructed onto a mobile apparatus. A video wall is an array of many display panels linked together to form 1 seamless display. In addition to mobile video walls, video walls can also be constructed as an installation or using modular hardware.

Installation LED Walls

Installation LED video walls are simply LED video walls that are installed permanently onto different structures. The applications include an array of indoor and outdoor applications, such as electronic signs, LED billboards, airport signage, museums displays, monument signs, large HDTV’s, and more.

Modular LED Walls

Modular LED walls are video walls that are constructed temporarily using trussing equipment. Due to their temporary nature they are typically used for event rental.

Mobile LED Walls

As mentioned earlier, a mobile video wall, (also referred to as mobile led screen, led display, or jumbotron) is a permanent video wall installation on wheels – typically on a trailer or a truck. Depending on your needs, it is generally the most cost-effective, versatile, and turnkey option for your video wall display needs. 

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