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Mobile LED Screen Walls

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We have the products and expertise to deliver your vision, regardless of scale or complexity. We create incredible modular installations for live event environments, designing and delivering mobile LED screens in various shapes and aspect ratios, whether it's a digital ribbon or a vast LED wall.

All our solutions are fully supported by teams who are skilled in content delivery and management.

Built to suit your needs

Mobile LED screens are incredibly flexible and can be built to virtually any size and shape.

Modern panels are thin and lightweight meaning huge screens are now achievable – we regularly create screens that are well over 200m².

We offer a range of resolutions for indoor or outdoor usage, including the highest resolution outdoor LED stock available in the UK.

Bespoke Design

Whilst many mobile LED screens are hung from existing supporting structures, we regularly create custom designs for our customers.

We offer a full design to delivery service for customers, working with a small number of renowned and trusted suppliers for our structures to ensure we providing a safe and dependable service for our customers.

Design, Dressing and Branding

We design our structures to elegantly complement your mobile LED screen and this extends to dressing. As well as supporting your mobile LED screen, your structure is an ideal location to promote your event, your brand or any event partners.

We can provide fully branded wraparound solutions working with different materials and prints to maximise the promotional value and impact of your mobile LED screen at all times.

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